I am Jeremy. I have founded many businesses, and have many failed on my watch.

I am predominantly an entrepreneur in the sports and fitness industry. I am passionate about health, aging gracefully, seeking contentment and finding purpose.

When I started my business more than 10 years ago, there were not many blogs I could read from to learn about running a business, especially in the local context.

A significant aspect of a successful business will be attributed to luck – sufficient effort meeting the right opportunities at the correct timing. Building one successful business could be considered luck, but to have a track record of building multiple concurrent and sustainable businesses consecutively should imply some degree of skill, acumen and execution.

None of the below businesses are a result of my solo effort, such an endeavour in the modern world could be considered foolhardy. With a good founding team each focusing various aspects of the business, everyone can go further than a lone effort.

In 2013, Movement First was founded. The original focus was on Strength and Conditioning Equipment. The range has since expanded to commercial equipment.

In 2016, Javy Sports and First Aid was founded. The range of products include Physical Education Equipment, Early Childhood, Active Aging and first aid equipment and supplies for sports industry.

In 2018, Fit Bloc was founded. There was a growing demand for rock climbing facilities, and we found a site which could encompass that, and much more. In 2022, we opened a 2nd branch for Fit Bloc.

In 2021, Arkkies was founded. We have 5 concepts under this wing, so that we can test the market response to various concepts. As of early 2024, we have a total of 14 gyms under Arkkies in Singapore.

While I find short and bite sized information easy to consume on Instagram and TikTok, they often lacks the substance necessary to give context, and allow for a deep dive. It has also affected my own attention span in being able to focus on tasks which truly matter.

Subjects that matter need deep thought, 2nd-level thinking and cannot rely on heuristics. Hence, this blog will be my attempt towards fine-tuning my own thought process, and share my thoughts towards education, business and health.

In my free time, I volunteer through writing letters for needy residents, conducting house visits to understand municipal issues or using my vehicle to do food delivery.